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– Lost or found a dog?

DogLost.co.uk – list the details of a dog you have lost or found, or sign up and help people in your area find their missing dogs

Lost or found a dog? List on DogLost.co.uk

– Looking for a dog rescue?

Rescue Helpers Unite Animal Rescue Directory – search by county, country area or breeds (dogs)

– Looking for a rescue dog?

AnimalsNeedingHomes.co.uk – UK rescue animals in need of adoption

AnimalsNeedingHomes.co.uk - rescue pets in need of adoption

DogsBlog.com – search by breed, age, sex

Dog rescue and dogs available for rehoming

RescueScottishPets.co.uk – Search animals needing homes in Scottish Rescues

– Become a volunteer

RescueHelpersUnite.co.uk – Join Rescue Helpers Unite and become a volunteer today!

Fostering, transporting, homechecking, fundraising or whatever you have to offer – join this wonderful community of volunteers and rescues and do your bit to help needy animals around the UK

Rescue Helpers Unite rescue volunteers foster transport homechecking

FosterDogs.co.uk – find out more about fostering rescue dogs

The Dogsnose web site is a facility, operated by dog loving volunteers, where people everywhere can register their willingness to help dogs in need and discuss issues relating to canine rescue.

Animal Lifeline UK animal rescue volunteers for foster transport homechecks

AnimalLifelineUK.org – Helping Rescues with Homechecking, Fostering, Transport, Fundraising, Rehoming and more!

Please register on the forum Animal Lifeline UK to view all rescue requests and to volunteer to help save more animals.

– Rescue links

Oldies Club old dog Rescue

Precious Poundies

Northern Ireland Boxer Rescue Society


4-paws rottweiler rescue


German Shepherd Rescue Wales


German Shepherd Rescue, Cambs


American BullDog Site


Neapolitan Mastiff Welfare UK


Mastiffs In Need Or Distress


Dizzy Rottweilers


German Shepherd Rescue Surrey BIGGSD


Clare Animal Welfare


NESSR English Springer Spaniel Rescue


collienet rescue


East Galway Animal Rescue






Rodent Retreat UK


South West Wales Guinea Pig Rescue




Chinchillas4life rescue and rehoming


Reading Guinea Pig Rescue


Salvar Una Vida, Spanish Organization


Eight Lives Left Kitten and Cat Rescue


Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue




Boxer Dog Rescue forum


Little Brambles Guinea Pig Rescue


South Wales Animal Rescue


Starlight’s Rabbit Rescue


Pink Paws Rescue


Oldies Club


Lincolshire Pet and Wildlife Rescue


Lurcher Link




Northern Ireland Animal Rescue




Three Counties Dog Rescue, Lincolnshire


The Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Society


German Shepherd Rescue UK


German Shepherd Rescue – Scotland


Weimaraner Club of Great Britain


Weimaraner Rescue


Labrador Rescue Caithness And Scotland


Labrador Rescue North West


New Forest Animal Rescue


Animal Allsorts Rescue


RSPCA Macclesfield SE Cheshire & Buxton Branch


Jerry Green Dog Rescue




Rochdale Dog Rescue


Labrador Rescue South East & Central


Northumberland Rescue – SHAK


Labrador Rescue (North West Area)


Fife Greyhound Rescue


Pawz for thought


Scottish Staffie Rescue


British Utonagan Association


Hope Rescue

Great Dane Rescue


Great Dane Welfare Scotland


The Great Dane Adoption Society


RSPCA Bridlington and District Branch


Daneline Great Dane Rescue


Great Dane Rescue Ireland


scottish great dane rescue


Inistioge Puppy Rescue


Halfway Home Dog Rescue


college garth rescue kennels leics


GSD Helpline


Greyhound Rescue Fife


second chance animal rescue


German Shepherd Dog Rescue and Rehoming North East




Doris Banham Dog Rescue


Second Chance Reptile Rescue


Guinea Pig Rescue + Microchipping


Exotic Pet Refuge


greyhound rescue manchester area


Siberian Husky Welfare Association (UK)


Husky Welfare


Boxer Welfare Scotland


Wiccaweys – Northamptonshire Border Collie Rescue


Animals In Need (Northamptonshire)


Many Tears Animal Rescue




Bank End Equine Rescue


Endangered Dogs Defence And Rescue


Scritchy Rat Rescue


Springer Welfare South West


Guineapig Re-homing Norfolk






American Bulldog UK


Brysons / NCHPS


Rescue Remedies


Terrier Rescue


Southern Lurcher Rescue


Labrador Rescue South East & Central


German Shepherd Rescue Uk


Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England LRRSE


Armargos Goat Sanctuary


The Refuge


Dogseekers Rescue


Friends of Akitas Trust (UK)




North East Staffie Rescue/


Bullmastiff Rescue


Everythingpets Rescue


Irish Retreiver Rescue (IRR)


Dogs In Distress (Ireland)


Bullies In Need


Mill Rescue


Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England

South Wales Animal Rescue

Lurcher SOS – based in Surrey, covering South East England

RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield


World Animal Day celebrates humankind’s unique relationship with the animal kingdom, and acknowledges the numerous ways in which animals enrich our lives.

– Social Networking for animal lovers

PetStreet.co.uk – a community of pet owners and animal lovers

Staffy-bull-terrier.niceboard.com – Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chat

Other sites about rescue dogs

Rescue-Dogs.co.ukOverlooked dogs needing forever homes

– Other dog related sites

Dog Walker Directory – An online directory of UK dog walkers and pet professionals – find your perfect dog walker today!

MakeMyPetWebsite.com – pet website templates – animal related HTML website templates and WordPress themes for pet businesses such as dog walkers, pet groomers, pet sitters and animal rescues

thewoofbook.co.uk – The most comprehensive directory and information resource for UK dog owners

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