Volunteer with dogs

If you have enthusiasm and time to spare or a special skill to offer, start volunteering today and you can help Rescues save more dogs from the threat of euthanisation.

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You can help dog rescues by:

  • Fostering,
  • Transporting,
  • Homechecking,
  • Fundraising,
  • Campaigning,
  • Administration & website help

Rescue Helpers Unite animal rescue volunteers foster transport homechecking

Rescue Helpers Unite (RHU) is an online community for UK animal rescues and volunteers, working together to help animals in need.

RHU’s slogan is ‘Helping Rescues Help More Animals‘. This is achieved in many ways, such as foster care, home checks, transport runs, contact between rescue organisations & connecting animals in need with forever homes.

from Rescue Helpers Unite:

“We’re URGENTLY in need of more volunteers to help UK animal rescues! With the help of the UK’s animal lovers, we can save the lives of more abandoned animals.

It’s 100% free to join Rescue Helpers Unite. We’re a non-profit organisation run completely by unpaid volunteers.

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Dog fostering

Dog fosterers are a huge help for rescues, caring for dogs in their own homes until new ‘forever homes’ are found. Dog fostering is a fun and very rewarding way to help rescue dogs, and there are always lots of dogs all over the UK in urgent need of foster carers.

Find out more about fostering rescue dogs at http://www.fosterdogs.co.uk

Dog transporting

Dog transporters are a vital link, helping to move dogs in to rescue when their time is up in the pound, or from a home that feels they can no longer care for their dog.

For long distances volunteers will often make transport ‘chains’, breaking the run in to shorter sections.

Always use caution and common sense on transport runs – you shouldn’t take young children or other animals along with you, and the dog you’re transporting should be secured either in the boot or on the back seat.


Animal rescue homecheckers visit the homes of prospective adopters and fosterers to chat with them and assess whether the home would be suitable. (If you’re new to homechecking you should get some experience by tagging along with someone in your area before trying any solo homechecks.)


A lot of the charities we work with are small organisations with very limited funds. Your help organising and taking part in animal rescue fundraising activies can really make a big difference to the animals in their care, and will enable them to help more animals.

On the RHU forum you are welcome to arrange sponsored events, auctions, raffles etc. on behalf of animal rescues, and you can help to spread the word about appeals and events that rescues have posted.

Raising awareness for animal rescues

Something as easy as sharing a link on your Facebook or Twitter account can be a great help in raising awareness for UK animal rescues.

You can find rescues in your local area and then help them to advertise locally by putting up posters at vets, pet supply shops etc., or even just through word of mouth.

You can help to crosspost animals needing homes, appeals & events from our forum. Just click the ‘share’ buttons – it takes less than 10 seconds!

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Find a rescue local to you:

Animal Rescue Directory

If there is a Rescue close to you (find a rescue), they will probably appreciate any offer of help you can give, whether it is hands on work with animals such as walking, feeding, cleaning out, fostering, transporting or more hands-off work such as fundraising, admin work, promoting their Rescue and events.

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