Spreading awareness on the situation facing stray dogs in the UK is an important step in the fight against stray euthanisation.

You can help to spread the word. It’s easy.

Most people in the UK are not aware of the extent of the stray dog problem and especially the fact that so many thousands of healthy dogs are put to sleep every year simply because they’ve been abandoned by their owners.

Easy ways to spread the word:

  • Talk to people in your local area about the stray dog problem. Talk to friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and anyone else who will listen!
  • Talk to people online. Post information on forums, blogs, wherever possible.
  • Link to us from your website/facebook/twitter etc. We have a few text link examples and image banners for you to use.
  • Share our blog posts, Facebook posts and Twitter posts with your friends, family and followers.

    (*Most pages on our website include ‘share’ links where you can easily send the link to your favourite social networking site)

  • Display posters in your local area. We have a selection of free posters that you can download, print and put up in your local vets, pet shops, kennels, newsagents etc.

We need to make the public see that there is a problem with stray dogs in the UK. Please do what you can to help.

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