Get your dog microchipped

Microchipping is a low cost safeguard for you and your dog. If your dog goes missing there is a much higher chance you will be reunited if he/she is microchipped.

  • Most dog wardens, pounds and vets will check for a microchip if a stray dog is brought to them and especially before they put a dog to sleep.
  • Microchipping usually costs less than £25 and some chariites will chip dogs for a smaller fee.
  • Remember to keep the contact details for the microchip up to date! This is important if you move or change phone number.

Get chipped – help rescues at the same time!

Some of the rescues at Rescue Helpers Unite provide microchipping services and all profits are used to help their rescue.

If you need to get your pet(s) chipped it’s highly recommended to see if any rescuers in your area provide the service, that way you can help other animals at the same time!

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