There’s lots of ways you can help the UK’s stray dogs:

1. Be a responsible dog owner

Stop the problem before it starts – think carefully before adopting or buying a dog. Microchip. Neuter.

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2. Volunteer to help dogs

Animal rescues all over the UK are urgently looking for volunteers to help them rehabilitate and rehome dogs.

» Sign up as a volunteer to help rescue dogs or find out more about volunteering

3. Adopt a rescue dog

There’s thousands of dogs in rescue looking for new homes right now! A lot of people don’t realise how many great dogs are in rescue waiting for a new home. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages.

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4. Donate for dogs

Animal rescues incur huge costs when rescuing and rehoming dogs, from vets fees to kennel and transportation costs – often the rehoming fee paid by the adopter does not cover the costs the rescue has incurred).

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