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Many animal rescues around the country are desperately in need of donations to cover the high costs involved.

Any amount you can give will help contribute to their work and might mean another dog can be saved from euthanasia.

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Rescues will usually welcome any donations you’d be kind enough to make, whether that’s money, food, blankets, toys etc.

Rescues incur many costs such as:

– Vet bills

Most rescues will ensure that each dog is vaccinated, wormed, de-flead and may neuter/spay the dog before rehoming.

This costs a lot and can often cost the rescue more than they will receive in the rehoming fee/donation when rehoming the dog.

– Transport

Dogs have to be moved from the stray pound kennels and in to the Rescues kennels or foster homes, then from there to the Vet’s office, back to the Rescue etc… This all costs money in petrol and in vehicle maintainence.

– Phone bills

There’s a lot of organisation involved in running a rescue and that often means huge phone bills. Calling adopters, volunteers, people surrendering their dogs, vets – it all adds up.

– Boarding fees

In order to ensure a dog is removed from the pound before running the risk of euthanisation, it is sometimes necessary to pay to board the dogs until a suitable Rescue placement can be found. At around £4-10 a night per dog, that adds up fast!

Some Rescues do not have their own kennels, but will pay for all of their animals to be boarded until they can be moved to a suitable foster home or rehomed, meaning very large bills

– Food

Whilst the dog is being cared for at the Rescue’s own kennels, in a foster home, in private boarding etc. – food has to be provided and the cost adds up fast.

…and the list goes on!

Here’s some links to Rescues who specialise in saving ‘poundies’:

Precious Poundies

Precious Poundies works in conjunction with a council pound in Yorkshire. We find dog rescues to take the dogs on so that they can be rehomed responsibly from there. All the rescues we use must meet the following criteria:

* Must Neuter
* Must Homecheck
* Must Vaccinate
* Must Worm
* Must Microchip
* Must offer lifetime back up
* Must have a non-destruct policy.

Lifetime back up is if it isn’t working out in the new home then the dog will be accepted back to the rescue, or advice with care or behavioural/health issues will be offered, or any other support needed by the new owners. This is to prevent the dogs ending back in the situation we have just got them out of.

If Precious Poundies are unable to help these dogs they would be destroyed. Lots of stray dogs are continually bought into the pound, which when full, has to make room for the new strays.”

Donate to Precious Poundies

Rochdale Dog Rescue “works every week to find responsible rescue places for dogs in a Northern Pound in the UK that are due to be put to sleep if not claimed after 7 days.”

“The pound that we work with are one of the few pounds that are willing to work closely with us as a rescue. They too work hard to save these dogs from being put to sleep by providing Rochdale Dog Rescue with photographs, information about the dogs and constant updates.”

Few people realise that many healthy dogs, through no fault of their own, are being destroyed if not claimed within the week.”

Donate to Rochdale Dog Rescue

Homeless Hounds is – “a group of dedicated people who believe that the unnecessary destruction of healthy dogs is both immoral and unacceptable.”

“Our work is funded by people’s kind donations and our own fundraising events. Our trustees are unpaid and do not receive any expenses so every penny we raise goes towards saving dogs lives.”

“We work primarily with a kennels in the North West to save the lives of stray and abandoned dogs by finding them places of safety and transporting them there.”

Donate to Homeless Hounds

K9 Search UK works in the West Midlands area helping reunite lost dogs with their owners and finding rescue placements for dogs that are unclaimed in the pound.

Donate to K9 Search UK

Doris Banham Dog Rescue – “Doris Banham was a dedicated animal lover throughout her life who sadly died in November 2001. The following year in June 2002 her daughter, Trudie James, decided to honour her life and dedication to animals by establishing The Doris Banham Sanctuary.”

“The charity was set up to help all animals, but as we became increasingly aware of the heart breaking needless destruction of unclaimed dogs in dog pounds, we vowed to help them and the charity has developed to provide an essential life saving rescue service for these forgotten dogs.”

“We are a non-profit organisation and rely totally on fundraising and donations to save these animals.”

Donate to Doris Banham Dog Rescue

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