The law on stray dogs in the UK

UK law states that after a stray dog is picked up it must serve 7 days with the Local Authorities (5 days in Ireland) during which time it may be reclaimed by it’s owners.

If no-one comes forward to claim the dog, the Authorities then have the option to rehome it, pass it on to another organisation (e.g. a rescue or sanctuary) or they can destroy it.

Death Row Dogs

This 7 day period can be a real-life death row for stray dogs, depending on which Local Authority pound they end up in. Some of the Council dog pounds work with rescues to make sure as many dogs are saved as possible, but sadly not all do.

Some dogs arriving in to the Council pounds are ‘signed over’ by their owners, in which case the dog can be euthanised, rehomed from the pound or signed over to a Rescue at any time within the 7 days.

This system results in rescuers and volunteers working to extremely urgent deadlines to save dogs before they are due to be euthanised.

Unfortunately, rescue spaces or funds for emergency boarding can’t always be found in time to save a dog’s life.

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