Stray & homeless dogs in Ireland

The dog problem in Ireland is even worse. Read this 2004 article ‘Saving the Irish Strays’ over on the BBC website for some eye opening information.

Quote from the article:

“In Ireland a dog’s destroyed every five minutes every day, except Sunday…A huge percentage of Ireland’s unwanted dogs are destroyed, 87 per cent. In the UK that number is only 14 per cent.”

Visit these Irish dog rescue websites:

East Galway Animal Rescue

“Last year, 38.000 dogs were destroyed in Irish dog pounds! We can’t help them all but for some we are able to make a difference.”

Kerry Greyhound Connection

“We are dedicated to finding the very best forever homes for unwanted racing greyhounds. We provide ongoing support and encouragement to all of our placement families and hounds.”

Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary

“Dogs Aid is a charity set up by three ladies in 1987 to help dogs that were unwanted and abandoned in Dublin, Ireland. Since then we have helped rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of dogs. Dogs Aid has a no destruction policy so we never put a recoverable dog down, and as a result the sanctuary is a permanent home for many forever dogs that are “too old or too bold” to be rehomed.”

Dogs In Distress

“Dogs in Distress rescues unwanted dogs. We are mainly active in Dublin and surrounding counties. However we have rescued and homed dogs all over Ireland. We place our dogs in foster care, in a secure home environment, while we find a suitable permanent home. Dogs in Distress is run by volunteers; we are passionate about improving the lives of the dogs in our care. Please help us to help them.”

If you represent an Irish dog rescue or know of other Irish rescues that should be linked to here please feel free to get in touch.

(Note: we prefer to promote rescues that adhere to best practices such as neutering/spaying, homechecking, vaccinating)

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