‘Pound for a Poundie’ appeal by Safe & Sound – please donate and share

safe-and-sound_logo2Safe & Sound are a hard working group of volunteers helping dogs in the pounds. They help by finding rescue spaces, arranging transport to rescue, funding vet treatments and emergency boarding etc. and they provide a fantastic safety net for any dog they help, for life.

They’re appealing for donations towards their mounting running costs with their ‘Pound for a Poundie’ appeal.

By donating just £1 a month, or whatever you’d like to send, you can help them to save lives.

Please take a look and send a donation to support their fantastic work:

“We are inundated with requests to save poundies in dire straits.

Dogs we know will die…
…unless we do something.

Our running costs are currently around £3,500 per month, sometimes more.

We are struggling to keep going… our resources are dwindling fast, and our future is uncertain.

It is truly heartbreaking saying “no”, but without more funds, we simply cannot help every dog that needs us.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

By donating just £1 per month to our appeal, you can help fund emergency boarding, veterinary care and transport costs.

With YOUR help, we can make sure we are always there for those dogs who have noone else.

Save a life today!”

View the ‘Pound for a Poundie appeal page at safe-and-sound.org

About Safe & Sound:

safe-and-sound_logo2“Safe and Sound is a not-for-profit charitable organisation working to save the lives of unclaimed “poundies” who would otherwise be destroyed. We work to secure rescue placements with established rehoming centres and arrange the safe transportation of dogs from pounds to places of safety.

Working in conjunction with local authorities, private boarding kennels and other rescue organisations, Safe and Sound gives death row dogs the chance to be a much loved family pet once again.”

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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