RHU Rescue Dog of the Month – Benny, 5 year old Lurcher

RHU_dotm_2013-04_Benny20Meet Benny, this month’s dog of the month at Rescue Helpers Unite:

Benny is a 5yr old male lurcher who is with Rescue Remedies and has been looking for a home since 2011.

He can be homed with dogs and older kids.

Visit www.rescueremedies.co.uk/

Benny needs owners who understand the ways of Lurchers and offer him confident direction. Benny can get flustered so not to live with young children and supervision of visiting children so they offer him space as he plays and relates. Benny needs to live with at least one other dog.

Benny is a young Whippet Lurcher. He didn’t receive kind and confident handling as a pup and is now learning loving interaction in his early adulthood and has come far. He needs support in new situations and given space and time he soon comes around. He has a joy about him and a very loving playful nature. His recent fosterer says; “As he settles, Benny’s lovely comical character is coming out more and more. So much in life fills him with joy. From being let out of his crate in the morning to meals, walks and training time, he loves it all. He adores toys, especially squeakies, and will play with them happily on his own. He can make them squeak (endlessly!), throw them around or pounce on them when they aren’t looking. But best of all is if a human will play with him too.”

“…we’ve been letting Benny off lead. His recall is perfect, in fact he doesn’t stray far, and if you have a chuck-it and a couple of tennis balls he is totally focused on fetching, to the exclusion of everything else. I suspect that he’d go off after squirrels if there were any around, but am sure he would come back fairly quickly. When we meet other dogs he has perfect manners, although he won’t let them near his ball! Typically he can be an opportunist with food left in reach! He has a speaking voice which he used to relate his take on life which is very amusing. Benny is enthralled with life and activity, but also settles to watch and muse on the broad spectrum that life offers. If Benny had been female we would have called him JOY”!

Please visit Benny Lurcher DOB 08 to find out more about him and follow his progress.

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