Urgent appeal – funds needed for poundie vet bills

Safe and Sound are a non-profit organisation working with dog pounds around the country. They find rescue placements with reputable animal rescues, organise transport of the dogs and provide care for poundies that have passed their 7 days at the pound.

This is an appeal for funds to help with one of their recent poundies, Steph, who has had to undergo unexpected veterinary care during a routine spay operation (that Safe & Sound were funding). Please read on and send a donation if you can help, no matter how small.

(You can keep up to date on Steph’s progress via her thread on the Rescue Helpers Unite animal rescue forum)


As you all know, stunning Steph was spayed on Thursday of last week. What you won’t yet know, is that when the vets opened Steph up, they found a tumour.

Fortunately for Steph, the tumour was discovered during her routine neutering operation, possibly saving her life. We agreed with the vet’s recommendation that the best thing was for them to remove it at the same time as spaying her, to avoid Steph having to go through the trauma of a second big operation.

Immediately after her op, poor Steph seemed to be feeling quite unwell, but in the last couple of days, with a lot of TLC from kennel staff, Steph had picked up again and seemed to be back to her usual bubbly self. The pic shows Steph on Saturday, chilling out in the office and having some one on one time with the kennel staff.

Sadly this morning, we received a call from the pound to say that overnight, Steph’s internal stitches appeared to have come undone. The large wound where her tumour had been had opened right up and was now exposed to the elements. Steph was rushed back to the vet first thing this morning, where she has remained all day receiving urgent treatment. Her wounds have been cleaned out and her internal stitches replaced.

Fortunately the wound does not seem to be infected though she did have some internal bleeding at the site of the tumour which has been checked out and remedied. Steph is now recovering with some fresh chicken and rice and will be very closely monitored over the next few days.

We have no idea how much the final cost of Steph’s veterinary care is likely to be, but we have been warned that the figure is likely to run into the hundreds. Our routine veterinary bill for this month is already close to £500 and that is without the huge costs of the emergency medical care Steph has received over the past few days, and will continue to receive over the next few days/weeks.

This is money which Safe and Sound just doesn’t have. Without your help, it is likely that our massive vet bill this month will wipe out our funds entirely, forcing us to suspend all our rescue work temporarily.

We are asking if each of our supporters can dig deep and spare just £3 towards Steph’s ongoing medical care.

As you all know, Steph URGENTLY needs a rescue space, but until then YOU are her only hope; with no owner and no rescue to care for her, Steph has noone to ensure her medical needs are met. We are redoubling our efforts to find Steph a rescue space asap, but in the meantime, we need YOU to help us keep her safe and keep her in good health.

If you can help, contributions can be made directly into our bank account:

Safe and Sound
Lloyds TSB
account no: 25328860 sort code: 30-97-90

Or via Paypal to safeandsoundpounddogs@gmail.com

Thank you x

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