These dogs need adoption! New Dawn UK Animal Welfare appeal for homes

This appeal was received by email yesterday from New Dawn Animal Welfare, a hard working rescue based in Kent, specialising in helping homeless dogs from Spain and finding them homes in the UK.

“…about half of the dogs have been left behind by British people who were returning to the UK but not taking their “beloved” pets with them. They leave them to their own devices, tie them up in the garden, throw them out of driving cars onto the streets, or even try to kill them”

The dogs below need a home! If you are interested in adoption please contact New Dawn Animal Welfare at:

Phone: 01580/893 226

Mobile: 07716 746 148

or visit New Dawn Welfare UK’s website at for more information.

Alternatively, if you know someone else who may be interested or can help in any way, please do pass on their contact info. Thank you!


A Fox Terrier, currently at a rescue in Spain but coming to the UK at the end of July

“Lucy is an older Wire Fox Terrier Girl – she is approx 10 years old – she is very active and lively and craves human attention. She is currently in kennels in Spain (near Cadiz). She was found straying – and someone claiming to be her owner picked her up – she was not happy to see him and the rescue was concerned – but let her go. A couple of weeks later she was found straying again – and this time she was thinner, dirtier and stressed. So we are not sure who or what the first person was to this poor dog.

Lucy is in kennels and at first showed no problem with other dogs – but now she is showing teeth and growling. She is VERY STRESSED in kennels and it is impossible for them to assess – so we are not sure if she has a problem with dogs – or just very insecure and stressed, but we think a home as the only dog would at the moment suit her best.

She loves people and cries at the fencing and desperately tries to get to you. She is such a sweet- heart and deserves a decent retirement. We think she is good on the lead, not too over the top for exercise and could live with a retired individual. She will be speyed in the UK.”


A Fox Terrier Cross currently in foster in Kent

“Meet the delightful Honey – she is a Fox Terrier Cross – breed rescue was asked to pick her up as the family was finding it difficult to cope with dogs, toddlers and work. When she was brought to the foster home she had a severe flea allergy. She has since been treated and with proper diet and lots of exercise – she is looking beautiful again.She is 10 years old, a medium sized girl, and very active for her age. She likes some dogs and not others. So she will need to have her introductions managed. She is showing great progress at the fosters and this should only improve with time, patience and love.

She is currently living with 3 other dogs – so could easily live with a laid back male. We really want her to go to a home that has the time and energy to devote to her. She has been so pushed about – she just craves love and attention. She is the perfect indoor dog and there have been no problems. She does not like traveling in the car – and will scream for the first 15 minutes – she does settle down – the foster family are working with her and find that if she is brought for a nice long walk before she will be much calmer in the car. We feel that she will get over her car problems, but it will take time and lots of positive car journeys!

We feel a home with older sensible children, or a retired couple would suit her best. You must be active though and enjoy going for walks. You will hopefully have prior knowledge of terriers and be prepared to continue the positive based training we have started with her. We do not believe any dog should be left for any extended period of time – so we would expect someone to be home most of the time.

If you are interested and want more information please contact Diana Brusi at 020 83062070 or 07939 214 682 , email:


Update Nov 11th 2012
Betsy is now REHOMED! Good luck Betsy :)

An elderly Staffordshire Bull Terrier (death row dog from a Kent Pound) currently fostered by us in Kent

“We collected Betsy from pound kennels in Kent. Although she cried like a banshee all the way home (mainly because she was crated and could not see us), once indoors she was fine.

Betsy is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and believed to be 10 years of age, is well fed, brindle with some white flecks. She is good on the lead, she gets on well with our Podenco X girl Gypsy, and takes no notice of cats in our neighbourhood. From day one she has been a sweet girl, sits sometimes looking far away as if to say where is my original home. She is not neutered yet, had both her injections, a health check and her nails clipped, is now micro-chipped.
From day one she slept downstairs uncrated, is clean and eating her grub well. We have yet to hear a bark. Betsy sits on command, offers her paw, if asked to go into her bed she does so. Loves her walks and craves for human company. We were told she is not into toys – oh yeah!

Our intent was to save Betsy from being put to sleep, look after her until we find a good home. She will not be going anywhere until we find the right person/s. We feel a home with no children and with someone around most of the time would suit her best. Betsy is everything you could want to have for a good companion at home.”


A German Shepherd who was homed by another rescue and is now being returned as he “does not fit in”

In need of a good home, German Shepherd Cross med/large, male age 5 years, castrated, vaccination up to date.

Had some training, comes to command, good with people and other dogs.
Not good with cats.

Rescued from Spanish sanctuary, been in England for 3 months.

For more information please call 01622 727819 or 07711600724 or email

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3 thoughts on “These dogs need adoption! New Dawn UK Animal Welfare appeal for homes

  1. I am an experienced fox terrier owner. Our own ‘foxy’ Jock is 4 years old. They are not the easiest of breeds to integrate, however I would be keen to re-home a female terrier type into our household….Jock is quite dominant but a sweetheart really. He just enjoys companionship and I can see him curled up with a wee female friend.

    • Can I ask you a question as you are the owner of a fox terrier. We are hoping find a rescue dog looking for a new home a dog, Do you need to have a fenced in garden, I love the breed, but wonder if they are prone to wandering off.
      We have a huge garden, but no actual fencing, just hedging and shrubs!

      Many thanks

      • Hi Marion, thanks for posting.

        I don’t have a fox terrier myself, but I do work with a lot of rescues from around the country. Most of the rescues I work with do ask that adopters have a fenced in garden when rehoming any dog breed, but all rescues have varying policies and some may be more than happy to look at your individual setup and the temperament of the dog you are hoping to adopt and make a judgement based on that instead of using a ‘blanket’ policy. I would say you’re best of getting in touch with as many rescues as you can, explaining your situation and asking what their stance would be. (Or alternatively, take steps to put some fencing in the garden, which may be costly but would be well worth it for the love of a rescue dog you’ll get in return :) ).

        I hope that helps.