Pregnant Boxer involved in awful cruelty case – can you donate to help her and her pups?

Northern Rose Boxer Rescue is dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming homeless Boxers and Boxer crosses in the UK.

They’re currently caring for a heavily pregnant Boxer called Roma who has been through an awful ordeal, and they’re appealing for funds towards her care.

If you can help, please do send a donation, no matter how small (details below). Please read their appeal below and find out more about Roma and how you can help –

(Appeal crossposted from Rescue Helpers Unite animal rescue forum)

“We had a phone call from Mary at Homeless hounds – this girl has stolen the hearts of many people invloved with her..

This a very sad story, Roma is a heavily pregnant white boxer bitch.

‘Apparantly’ she was found in the middle of the woods by a man who happened to be walking through the woods on his own at night.

Roma was completey covered in blood, she has been mauled badly by another dog :-( Roma also had her front leg badly broken in two places, she was in agony, the vet said this break happened a few days ago and not sure of the cause. …we think she’s been used as a bait dog.

Despite Roma being in an awful lot of pain her temperament has been fantastic, she is such a lovely sweet girl. So we feel that she and her pups deserve every chance, and once shes ready to be rehomed she deserves a better life than the one she’s had.

Roma has spent two days in the vets and has now had to have her leg amputated. It was touch and go whether she or the pups would survive the op but today she has come through it well.

Roma is ready to give birth now, we have a foster home in place … where she can have all the comfort she needs to get well, get the treament she needs and hopfully have the pups without any more issues. *Fingers crossed* everything will go well for this girl from now on.

We desperatly need funds for vet bills, her and the pups up-keep. If you can help in any way no matter how big or small please:

You can donate via paypal to

Or via cheque to

12 Thorn Close
OL10 4TQ



Roma has arrived safe & sound …

Well considering what this girl has been though the last few days she is the sweetest most gentle girl I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Roma is in very good body condition & her leg is healing very well from being amputated. She is on antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

She is coping very well without the leg, gets around really well & pulls like a train on a lead. She is house trained & has already been onto the small green for her toilet needs.

Roma has a lot of wounds on her face, neck & ears, also on her front leg. She has definitely been used as a bait dog for fighting. These will heal nicely, I just hope the mental scars will fade as quick.

She is full of puppies & already lactating so it won’t be long before they are born.

Roma has settled nicely in a huge crate filled with vet bedding. I’m not even thinking of mixing her with my pack until the pup’s have weaned, she has enough on her plate already.”

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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