Peaceful protest marches against Breed Specific Legislation taking place 14th July in Brighton, Manchester, Hampshire, London and Glasgow *updated 12/7/12*

Anti-BSL protests are taking place across the country on Saturday 14th July 2012, in a combined effort to fight the ‘Bad Stupid Law’.

If you’re in the area and want to help fight BSL please attend and show your support.

Breed Specific Legislation is a flawed law that targets dogs based on their breed instead of their actions, resulting in many dogs in the UK & Ireland being euthanised unnecessarily.

Details crossposted from Rescue Helpers Unite animal rescue volunteering forum:

(Details for the Belfast march below and details of other marches further down the page)

Hi everyone,

We are holding a peaceful protest march against BSL in Brighton on the 14th July 2012. We are hoping to raise awareness of Breed Specific Legislation. There will be information leaflets, presentations and people to answer questions on the day. There will also be stalls from rescues, raffles, bbq etc. This is a fun, peaceful day to show we are against BSL and to advise people on what this is. We ask all attending to wear a black top and bring banners etc.

We will be leaving the pier at 11am for a march through the town. The organisers have asked that dogs do not attend as there will be many people and at that time of year may be very hot.

We would love to see you there to raise awareness of BSL and show that we want this law repealed.

There are also marches taking place on the same day at the same time in Manchester, Hampshire, London and Glasgow.

Updated 28/6/12:

Please visit the organisers website:

Not all locations have marches organised yet and they’re looking for reps to help organise in each area. If you can help organise a march against BSL please get in touch with the organisers.

Marches are taking place 14th of July 11am to 3pm

Under big ben on the street towards the london eye near houses of parliament

Name: Caroline Murphy
Contact Information:

Name: Ange Manners
Contact Information: Same as above

(not yet confirmed)

(not yet confirmed)

Stoke On Trent
(not yet confirmed)

Derby City Centre
Open Square next to the Assembly rooms

Name: Emma Nicholson
Contact Information:

Manchester *updated info 12/7/12*

Piccadilly Gardens
(previously was BBC Building Media City In Salford)

Name: Jessica Springall
Contact Information: or or Call 07549550614

Name: Michelle Pilkington

(not yet confirmed)

(not yet confirmed)

(not yet confirmed)

(not yet confirmed)

(not yet confirmed)

(not yet confirmed)


Name: Karen Russell
Contact Information:

Name: Julie
Contact Information:

(not yet confirmed)

Northen Ireland
(not yet confirmed)

Entrance of brighton pier

Bournemouth Sea Front

Name: Kath Bartlet
Contact Information:

(not yet confirmed)

Information from:

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

5 thoughts on “Peaceful protest marches against Breed Specific Legislation taking place 14th July in Brighton, Manchester, Hampshire, London and Glasgow *updated 12/7/12*

  1. The Manchester Event is at Piccadilly Gardens and not Media City at Salford and Angel Dust Dreaming isn’t a rep anymore it is myself, Michelle Pilkington and we may be getting a third rep today.

    • Thanks a lot for letting us know, I will update the post above. Good luck for the march, hope it goes great!

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  3. I’m a reporter at the Argus in Brighton. It’d be great to have a chat about the protest march with you. If you could email me a number to contact the best person to speak to that’d be great