Poundies at risk of euthanisation – urgent rescue spaces needed (11/5/12)

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These dogs are well over their time and urgently need rescue spaces.


Approx 1 – 2 YEARS

This is a really nice friendly boy with no issues reported. Despite being in the pound, he’s a really happy boy.


6 years old
Brindle with white chest and white toes

This handsome boy finds himself lost and homeless. He is a very friendly boy who appears to be in good health with no issues reported.


6 years + approximately

This older looking lad finds himself lost, abandoned and alone in the pound. He is a nice friendly boy and appears to be in good health. He looks a bit sad and bewildered at what is happening to him. Can any rescue please step up and put the wag back in his tail?

Dog 15A

Staffy cross terrier.
9 – 12 months approximately

This is a very sweet pup.

He is a staffy but seems to be crossed with some kind of terrier – he has a slightly longer coat than a staffy and a little curl in his tail.

He was very affectionate and just wanted picked up for a cuddle – which he got.

He’s a very young, wiggly, squirmy little dog.

He didn’t seem to be bothered by the other dogs barking and did not react to them

Dog 17A

Akita cross possibly GSD
1 year old approximately

This photo does not do this lad justice. He is like a huge cuddly teddy bear and is very handsome.

He is very bouncy and very friendly. He just wanted a fuss and a cuddle. He is very strong but it’s youthful exuberance
He didn’t seem to be bothered by the other dogs barking and did not react to them.

Dog 12A

SBT cross
6-7 years old

This lad is very quiet and steady. A sweet and loving dog who just wants some affection.

He has a bit of a sore eye at the moment. He was strong on the lead but that was probably because he didn’t want to go back into his miserable kennel.

Appears to be dog friendly – did not react to any of the other dogs when walked past. However the pound is not the environment to fully assess.

This boy is very depressed and is going downhill in the pound. He urgently needs a rescue space.

481 563

SBT cross
3 years

This lovely boy is called Toby.

He is chipped but the previous owner sold him and didn’t update the chip and the new owners don’t want him back.
He is a bit of an escape artist but is a very friendly boy.

481 821

White with black eye patch
1-2 years old

A very friendly and laid back boy.

482 772

SBT cross
2 years approx

A very friendly boy who is quite laid back.

180 312

SBT cross
Red with white chest
1-2 years old

Very nice friendly girl who appears in good health and no behavioural issues.


SBT cross

This is a very friendly, good natured girl who finds herself abandoned and alone and in the pound. She appears to be in good health.

Dog 25A – Tinkerbell

White with black
1 year old approximately

Tinkerbell really melts hearts. She is absolutely beautiful.
She is very nervous of men which makes our assessor think that she’s been beaten or abused but she went straight to the female assessor for love and cuddles.

She is a real bundle of fun. Poor girl is underweight.
She appears to be dog friendly.

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4 thoughts on “Poundies at risk of euthanisation – urgent rescue spaces needed (11/5/12)

  1. hi my name is sandy i have been looking for a dog as a friend for my 3 yr old cross staffy she is full of play and is a friendly girl i would like to offer a home to one of your urgent poundies i have many years experance with dogs staffs and larger breeds i have a semi detached house very large secure garden and close to parks and a commons i also have cats and i am at home most of the day my 11 year old grandson lives with me hope to hear back soon via email many thanks for taking the time to read this

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for your comment (sorry for my delay replying, been away for a few days)

      I will email you with the contact details for the poundie organisation that’s been dealing with these poundies and they should be able to give you some contact details for rescues that are rehoming them.

      Good luck, hope you find your perfect pooch :)


    • Hi Charley, if you contact http://StaffyClub.com with a link to this page (or the photo of the particular dog you are interested in) they should be able to tell you which rescue he/she has gone to so you can find out more.

      Good luck!