Microchipping to be made compulsory for the UK’s dogs

News is spreading fast of the UK’s supposed upcoming proposal to make microchipping compulsory for every newborn puppy, with plans set to be announced next week.

Whilst this is a welcome move for most responsible dog owners and particularly people involved in dog rescue who have been campaigning for this move for many years, there’s speculation that the new laws will not have any substantial effect and serious concerns that they will instead penalise responsible owners rather than focusing on the irreponsible dog owners who aren’t likely to get their dogs chipped regardless of the law.

Comments from the UK Government and other parties suggest that the new rules are being proposed in response to the problem of ‘dangerous dogs’ and that they aim to root out breeders and owners of aggressive dogs or illegal breeds (such as the Pit Bull) so that more prosecutions can be brought.

Unfortunately there’s been little mention of the fact that microchipping will also help to re-unite more of the 126,000+ stray dogs that are handled by Local Authorities each year, and can help Authorities to pin-point the irresponsible dog owners who continually allow their dogs to stray, causing unnecessary costs for Local Councils and the taxpayer.

“Micro-chipping…still remains one of the most influential aspects accounting for a reported 32% of reunions.”
Dogs Trust Stray Dog Survey 2011

Full details are expected to be revealed next week when the government makes their announcement about the new laws.

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