Kent poundie dogs due for euthanisation TODAY (15/2/12) – please help them

This appeal was received by email today:

Hi there,

I am really hoping you may be able to help me. I have just been made aware of 8 dogs in a council pound in kent that are due to die tomorrow :( I have attached the photos of each of the doggies but i dont have many details to go on

Dog 1:

brindle and white entire staffy male. Very friendly little chap seems ok with other dogs.

Dog 2:

brindle and white female staffy X she is very nervous of new people and not great with other dogs. She has recently had pups :(

Dog 3:

brindle and white young staffy lad, entire, he is a friendly little lad but not good with other dogs

Dog 4:

brindle and white little staffy lad entire, lovely boy very affectionate and seems fine with other dogs

Dog 5:

black and white entire staffy male, good with people but does not like other dogs

Dog 6:

lovely female staffy X very fridnly girl but is not good with other dogs

Dog 7:

brindle and white staffy lad entire.

Dog 8:

lovely little ginger female staffy, very affectionate little girl, seems fine with other dogs.

Do you have any space at the inn? The vet has been booked for tomorrow but I have spoke to the warden and she is going to try hold them off until friday to give us abit of time.We can organsie transport if needed.

Please if you can help in any way or know somebody who may be able please let me know!

Thankyou for your time


If you can help please contact as a matter of URGENCY! Thank you

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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