Last chance for Lennox – dog caught up in BSL disgrace has last chance to be saved from euthanisation

Lennox’s case has been ongoing for around 18 months.

Although Lennox had not caused any harm to other dogs or to people, he was seized and removed from his family in May last year, as the authorities claimed he was ‘Pit Bull Type’ – because of Breed Specific Legislation this breed is banned in Northern Ireland.

More info from the Save Lennox blog:

“Northern Ireland has yet to fully implement the same dog legislation as mainland UK; if Northern Ireland were to complete the dog legislation here then Lennox could now be at home with his family and they would not now be facing legal prosecution. The USPCA said the law in Northern Ireland could be changed simply and rather quickly by an order in Council.”

Approximately 2/3 weeks ago, Lennox’s case was back in front of the court for an appeal hearing. The court ruled in favour of the Local Authority, claiming that Lennox’s behaviour was unpredictable.

This is based on his behaviour whilst in the care of the authorities. I think if I had been removed from my home and family and locked in a concrete cell for 18 months I’d be feeling a little unpredictable myself!

Lennox needs our help.

Please sign this petition and find out more about Lennox’s case at the Save Lennox website

(Although this article has been brief due to my own lack of spare time – this is a really serious problem and this dog and his family NEED the support of the public. Please do what you can, even if it’s just signing the petition. Thank you)

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What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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