Volunteer rescuers need our support – donations & spreading the word required!

Last month we posted a news item over at SaveTheStaffies.co.uk about 4 Staffies that were in dire straits and needed help – well thankfully they were saved by some kind hearted rescue volunteers, along with around 20 other dogs from the same location.

The person (previously calling themselves a ‘rescue’) who had been caring for them decided they would no longer do so, and that if no one else came forward to help them they would be euthanised.

So these volunteers stepped in and saved the dogs lives – at their own expense – and man alive there was expense! Around £2000 of expense, all from their own pockets.

So, today we’re asking if YOU can help support these rescuers by sending a donation to help them cover the remaining kennel debt of around £1600.

Every bit helps so please, please – even if you can only afford a small donation, send something now and be a part of something good!

Send a donation now by Paypal to hobodogessex@hotmail.co.uk


Commercial donations are also being sought – you can get FREE advertising for your business by sending a donation on behalf of your company. Your business will be mentioned and linked to on the Rescue Helpers Unite forum which receives many thousands of visits every month, plus on lots of other websites that are animal centric – so it’s also very good for your website traffic!


HELP SPREAD THE WORD by sharing this page and displaying the poster

Use the ‘share this page’ buttons at the bottom of this page to share this page with your friends, family and contacts on Facebook, Twitter etc.

There is a poster available to help promote this campaign, PLEASE download and display it in your local area at kennels, vets, shops etc. or on your website / forum / blog etc. – every penny helps!

View/Download the poster:

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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