Charity single for pound dogs becoming a reality!

Regular readers will remember our post back in December about a UK rescue, Once Loved Dog Rescue based in Devon, who had produced a song and video to promote the plight of the death row dogs in the UK.

Well, the dream is on it’s way to becoming a reality thanks to the help of a UK production company, The Next Room!

Read on to find out how you can help!…

(Crossposted with permission)

“As you may or may not know, we (Once Loved Dog Rescue) have been hoping to make a charity single for death row dogs in the UK.

We were lucky enough to be approached by the team at The Next Room Studios after they heard our song and watched our video here on our website:

The Next Room production team have had several UK hit records and they have given the song and the project their commitment as they want to help the plight of death row dogs in pounds. Once it is at ‘chart standard’ which means re-recording the song and vocals, it will then be ready for them to present to the music industry, and they have so many fantastic contacts! This is just so fantastic!!!

These guys are amazing! And their support means this is no longer a pipe dream! Richie is currently re-working the song and then we’ll be re-recording the vocals. We can’t tell you how over the moon we are!!

We know this will give us a chance now to really make a difference in helping death row dogs! Massive thanks to Richie and Fai from ‘The Next Room’

Here is The Next Room’s channel on You Tube. OMG are the tracks good or what??!

And our fave track at the moment, can’t stop listening to this one DJ Ironik Feat. Mclean ‘Killed Me’:

The Next Room website:

Please please continue to comment on the video and song on our website, and show your support for this single to be on general release, it’s starting to happen now! So no excuses!

Also, please sign the petition HERE:

Please also crosspost everywhere you can think of!!
Thanks for all your support

Cathy and Anthony Lane xxx”

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