Once Loved Dog Rescue appealing to Simon Cowell with fantastic new song & video

Once Loved Dog Rescue in Devon have created a wonderful song and video to raise awareness of the UK’s death row dogs, and they’re appealing to music industry bigwig Simon Cowell – but they need your help to get his attention!

Please, please comment on the video and share the link with your friends and family to help them get more exposure for their cause.

View the video and leave your comment

Crossposted from Once Loved Dog Rescue’s website:

One dog every hour is put to sleep every day in the UK. We have made the following video to show just a handful of the thousands of dogs abandoned at pounds in the UK every year. The numbers are not decreasing, and the problem is getting worse.

We are sending this link to Simon Cowell in the hope that he will help us, and the other few rescues that are dedicated to helping death row dogs.

We need your support! Please post a comment asking Simon Cowell to help these dogs, by releasing this song as a single, in order to raise funds and awareness. The more comments we have, the more we can show how much we support this. The dogs have no voice and they need us to speak for them! Please post this link to all your friends and wherever you can on the internet.”

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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