New fostering website launched –

I’ve been crafting away in my laboratory…(a.k.a living room) to make this new site all about dog fostering…

The aims of the site are:

– to raise awareness of dog fostering for UK rescues and help find people who might be interested in fostering dogs

There are literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of dogs going through the rescue process every year in the UK and so many of them would benefit from a home environment during this time, instead of having to go to kennels which can be so stressful for some dogs and can set them back in terms of behaviour, toilet training etc.

– to provide some tips and advice for new fosterers

Fostering is not always an easy task. It can be stressful and it can be emotionally difficult for the humans and the dogs, but hopefully some of the advice provided will help new fosterers to avoid some of the common mistakes and will set you off on the right foot.

– to help raise awareness of Rescue Helpers Unite

Rescue Helpers Unite is, in my opinion (and that’s my honest opinion although people may assume I’m biased as I help run RHU :) ) the BEST place online to find dogs in need of foster homes and to connect with rescues all over the UK.

It’s a great community of new and very experienced rescue workers and volunteers, so if you do start fostering or need some advice before you start, it’s a great place to chat with other members.

Please check out the website and if you know someone who might be interested in fostering pass on the link to them. Also, any sort of crossposting would be really appreciated, not just from me but from all the dogs that might find a foster home as they pass through the rescue system.

Any suggestions and advice from fosterers is also very welcome, feel free to get in touch. Thanks!



What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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