Pregnant and dumped, now fighting for life

This is Holly. She’s around 2 years old. She was heavily pregnant and abandoned, ending up in a Local Authority pound where she gave birth to her 6 puppies

(sadly the runt of the litter died, leaving 5 puppies)

A very kind rescue organisation, BARK, came forward to help Holly and her puppies but, shortly after they arrived with the rescue, Holly became seriously ill. She was vomiting and wouldn’t eat or drink. She’s now in the vets on a drip at serious risk of losing her life.

pregnant dog dumped

The rescue are appealing for help with funds to keep Holly alive. The vet bills are already reaching £1000+ and the vets have advised that due to the costs involved it may be best to put Holly to sleep.

This is not a decision any animal rescuer wants to have to make.

“Why is it alway’s about bloody money? How do i choose a dog’s life for money, when there is a chance she may pull through. I am so tired, and feel sick with worry. I just do not know what to do, any advice would be appreciated”

Please, send a donation to help keep Holly and her puppies alive. They were dumped or abandoned by an uncaring owner – they do not deserve to die.

Send Paypal donations to

You can also help by crossposting this appeal wherever possible! Thank you

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