Hope Rescue Cosy Kennels Xmas Appeal 2010

From Hope Rescue:

“I know it is only October but we like to be organised at Hope Rescue and we have now officially launched our Cosy Kennel Xmas Appeal 2010!”

“Once again we will be collecting donations of items for our kennel dogs and the stray dogs in pounds to make life a little more comfortable for them over the Xmas period. This year we will also be collecting for those dogs living on the streets with their homeless owners.

We have partnered with The Huggard Centre in Cardiff which is a fantastic homeless charity offering a day centre, emergency bed unit and supported housing. It is one, if not the only, centre in Cardiff that allows dogs : http://huggard.org.uk/

They have already taken delivery of their first donation which was gratefully received. Keep your eyes peeled on our website and forum as we will be posting more about this new and exciting partnership which is one we hope to extend well beyond the festive period.

The type of items we are collecting include:

  • Food
  • Bedding
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Collars/leads
  • Coats

As well as donating direct we are also asking our supporters to put posters up anywhere they feel we could start a collection. Premises could include (but not exclusively – we welcome ANY ideas!):

  • Supermarkets – ask them to provide a trolley to collect the goodies!
  • Vets/Groomers/Pet Shops
  • Corner/local shops
  • Pubs
  • Hairdressers
  • Dog Training/Agility Clubs
  • Your workplace/office
  • Brownies/Scouts
  • Community Centres/Day Centres
  • Schools

It would be great this year if we could perhaps make the collection points more permanent so we have a steady source of supplies throughout the year.

Full details can be found on our Forum – go to our website http://www.hoperescue.org.uk/ and click on the Forum link

or please email Susie on fundraising@hoperescue.org.uk if you would like to help.”

> Visit HopeRescue.org.uk

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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