Personalised letters from Santa raising funds for RDR!

Raising funds for Rochdale Dog Rescue – a fabulous Rescue helping poundies in the Rochdale area…

Give your kids an extra treat this Xmas!

Just £3.00 each

(£2.50 of all money made is going to RDR, 50p towards costs)

For more info or to order your letters please contact: contact Rochdale Dog Rescue

“Just imagine the look of joy on your child’s or Grandchilds face when they get their very own personal letter from the big man himself (and no, I don’t mean Elvis!!)

I do these for my own kids and family members every year and they love them, they also put a smile on any adults face too!


Also if you would like something special in the letter this can be added, for example, if they have been good in school or something you are proud of them for, as this would make it more special.

* PLUS Free Santa stop here sign for your kids to colour in!


Child’s name & age
Boy or Girl
Name of a family member
Name of brother, sister or friend
Child’s teacher’s name
Your hometown
Toy that your child really wants
A special achievement
Colour of their front door
A special pet and its name
Or anything you want added in
Each letters is personalised for your child

Sample Of Envelope

Sample Of Letter

NOTE: We wont be getting proof of postage due to amount we will be selling, so we are not responsible for any that get lost in post as for everyone who pays they will get sent. If no letter received by 10th december please let me know and i will post out another.”


contact Rochdale Dog Rescue

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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