Akitas needing URGENT help

Updated 31st October 2009

The Friends of Akitas Trust (UK) is a not-for-profit Charity (registered Charity Number 112 8641) that rescues and re-homes Akitas in need, in particular (though not exclusively) those on death row in council run or contracted pounds. This means that Akitas in pounds have only seven days for their owner to re-claim them, if, by the seventh day they remain unclaimed, and a rescue space is not readily available, they are likely to be put to sleep.

The Trust began in November 2007, and since then has helped save over one hundred Akitas from being put to sleep and re-homed in excess of one hundred and thirty Akitas.

However, we now find ourselves in a dire situation – our kennels our full, as are our foster spaces, and there are SIX SEVEN Akitas currently in pounds facing death, unless we can help them.

Two of these Akitas are older, abandoned in their twighlight years; another is sick and despondent after being found with a piece of washing line tied around his neck. All confused with their surroundings and the situation they find themselves in, we desperately need to ensure that these dogs are saved – and not die just because their owners don’t want them anymore.

How can you help?

*Adoption or Foster – if you are interested in adoption or foster, please see our website: www.friendsofakitas.co.uk . You can get in touch about adoption via one of our National Coordinators, details here: http://www.friendsofakitas.co.uk/?contact-us,2 and you can contact our Foster Coordinator for more information about fostering by emailing: victoria@friendsofakitas.co.uk

*One off donation – please email info@friendsofakitas.co.uk for details of how to make a one off donation – kennelling costs on average £6.00 per day, and all dogs must be vaccinated prior to entering our kennels. Some dogs need vet care and all will be microchipped, or their existing chip information prior to re-homing

*Sponsorship – we have sponsorship packages details at: http://www.friendsofakitas.co.uk/?sponsorship,6 every single penny goes to the dogs!

* Fundraising & Publicity – if you think you can help us raise awareness and money please get in touch with our Promotions Coordinator: rae@friendsofakitas.co.uk you can request a poster to print and display – every little helps!

For more information about the organisation, what we do, who we help and how – please take five minutes to visit our website, www.friendsofakitas.co.uk

Here are just some of the Akitas that need our help right now:





(unfortunately, Dylon was put to sleep at the pound due to medical issues)

from Friends of Akitas:

“It is with utter despair and confusion that I inform you that Dylon, one of the urgent boys on death row has been put to sleep.

The Friends of Akitas Trust (UK) has been offering their help for the past two days, to secure medical attention and a safe kennel, however the pound took the decision to turn this down in favour of bringing in their own vet last night, who diagnosed tumours and put him to sleep.

Dylon, rest in peace boy, I hope you know that we tried, and that we are all desperately upset that you aren’t with us in safety right now, we will take some comfort in knowing that you are in peace, and no longer pining in a kennel. Run free boy, and find our other friends at the bridge.”

What will you do next? Get involved and help save a life today!:

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